Baldwin Attorney at Law





Family Law

Family matters are close to the heart. Baldwin commits to helping you through this stressful time. We handle divorce, child custody, guardianship of minors and incapacitated minors and conservatorship. 

Will and Estate Law

Let us help you create specific instructions in regard to your estate. A will is one of the best ways to ease your loved ones burdens when your gone. We handle issues of wills, trusts, power of attorney, probate wills , letters of administration and defense of will objections.

Real Estate Law

The term "real estate law" conjures up ideas of physical structures, but its much more than that. We handle land sale transactions, warranty deeds, survivorship deeds, quick claim deeds, deeds of ascent, real estate closings, title and deed searches and mineral rights searches.

Business Law

You've taken risks and lost sleep to build your dream. We can advise you when the fine print is out of your wheelhouse. Let us protect your business. We handle contracts, lawsuit defense and debt collection.

Criminal Law

Every criminal case presents its own unique set of challenges. We pride ourselves in individually tailored solutions. From investigation to research, Baldwin builds the best defense for you. We handle misdemeanors at the city and state level.

Civil Litigation

Not every legal matter needs to be handled in court. Baldwin is committed to your best interests. Let us save you time and money by defending you in arbitration and mediation. We handle tenant and landlord issues, small claims, breach of contract and personal injury.